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Whiteberry is a Hong Kong based company that ranks among the world leaders in tailor-made production of advertising gifts
and premiums of all kinds. Our European clients are serviced by our branch in Prague.



Whiteberry was founded more than 10 years ago by an experienced team with 15 years’ worth of combined experience on the

  • Whiteberry headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic with a service branch in Hong Kong.

  • We are among the top European companies specializing in premium goods production in Asia.

  • Our client base consists of FMCG multinational companies and we cooperate with clients in Europe as well as China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and the United States.

  • Our focus is placed on quality assurance in terms of production, manufacturer selection and their existing audits. We only work with top-tier transport and delivery companies.

  • Whiteberry is an award-winning leader in tailor-made




  • Whiteberry is founded on a vision of long-term partnerships and is the preferred partner of many international companies, which operate in Asia.

  • Our vision is to establish long-term relations with our clients as well as our production partners in Asia.

  • Whiteberry takes full responsibility for delivering goods on time, of impeccable quality, the best market price, and adhering to business standards and ethics.

  • Whiteberry creates the perfect product and takes over the production for you.




Whiteberry adheres to standards of corporate social responsibility.

Our responsibility is your security. Our business partners conduct their businesses in accordance with our standards, which adhere to the EU norms including but not limited to:

  • Child labor prohibited

  • Minimum wage

  • Non-discrimination policy

  • No forced labor

  • Safe working environment

  • Freedom to assemble

  • Protection of the environment and ecology

  • Anti-corruption policy





Whiteberry understands the Asian mentality.

Is it time-consuming or unfeasible for you to source products in Asia?
Are you not familiar with the Asian markets?
Are you unsure of conducting business long-distance?
Do you want to make a profit and not a loss?


We are here for you.

Our qualified team has decades of experience in working in Asia coupled with a deep understanding of the Asian cultures.

We will ensure your satisfaction by fulfilling your needs and expectations.

We will help you overcome barriers without the risk.




Whiteberry is flexible.

Our operations are convenient and global. We can work even in the hardest of conditions around the world. We’ll assist you in coordinating all your activities in as many countries as it takes simultaneously. Our business partners are based around the globe, which makes us proficient in responding quickly and efficiently to your inquirie



  • Directly from warehouses

  • FOB/FAC from China: goods delivered to any air, sea or land port

  • From our warehouses to yours

  • Local deliveries in China

  • Deliveries via Incoterms, DDP, DDU, and more.

  • Distribution of a single delivery to multiple points.

We accept the following currencies: EUR, USD, CZK.


 Asian Office:                                         


 Whiteberry HONG KONG Ltd.

 Uni AB 17th F, Trust Tower

 68 Johnston Road

 Hong Kong



 +852 8171 1770


 Fax :

 +852 3014 8197





 European Office:              

 WHITEBERRY production Ltd.
 Jeremenkova 1171/102
 140 00 Prague 4
 Czech Republic / EU


 +420 241 410 893


 +420 602 522 511
 +420 606 665 610

 ID No.: 27188191
 VAT No.: CZ27188191

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