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Whiteberry production s.r.o. is one of the leading companies in the Czech Republic on the market for the production of promotional items, products and POS, related services including.

We have been operating on the market since 2003 and we have been working with multinationals and local partners all the time. Our mission is to maintain and further strengthen our important position as a reliable, competitive and highly specialized supplier in our business.


Here are some basic guidelines for all our activities:

  • Improving the quality of our products and services with regard to market developments, customer requirements and sustainability

  • Systematic selection and management of suppliers (quality of work and production, modernization of production, social aspects, anti-corruption rules, respect for the environment)

  • Continuous customer satisfaction assessment and immediate response to customer requirements

  • Flexibility, communication, openness

  • Fulfillment of relevant binding obligations

  • Continuous improvement of all our processes

  • Emphasis on environmental pollution prevention and health protection

  • Delivering safe products to the market to meet the strictest requirements (eg REACH, health tests, certification, declaration of conformity).

  • Finding the right ways to reduce energy, CO2 and other environmental policy

  • Care for the safety of all our employees

  • Respect for human rights.

  • Compliance with the company's anti-corruption policy


The Company's policy is based on the established concept and approved development plan by Managing Directors and is further elaborated in the Company's objectives and set by the KPI.


In Prague 2. 1. 2019




Anti-corruption policy Whiteberry production s.r.o.

Whiteberry production s.r.o. undertakes to honor the following rules in all its activities:

  1. To act and decide impartially regardless of your beliefs and to refrain from doing anything that could compromise confidence in the impartiality of decision-making.

  2. Do not misuse the information acquired in connection with the performance of work for own benefit or another person.

  3. Do not accept or offer gifts or promises of gifts or other benefits in connection with the performance of your work.

  4. Initiate or allow any meeting or negotiation, including business dealings, to conduct business or agreements on anticipated transactions that could lead to violation of any anti-corruption or anti-corruption laws or policies.

  5. Do not enter into any relationship that would violate the laws and regulations of competition and cartel agreements in all countries where it operates.

  6. Regularly train employees once a year using an updated anti-corruption manual


If Whiteberry production s.r.o. obtain information about such behavior of suppliers, independent contractors, intermediaries or clients that are in violation of this anti-corruption policy, or if they suspect such behavior, immediately inform the management of the affected entity.

Whiteberry production s.r.o. declares to the best of its knowledge that in the past there has been no violation of this anti-corruption policy in connection with its activities.


Date: 2.1.2019

David Dvořák Kateřina Adámková

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