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Information for clients with regard to the processing of personal data


provided on the basis of REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals concerning the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and on the repeal of directive 95/46/EC (general regulation on the protection of personal data, hereafter referred to as the “Regulation”).

This information serves to ensure complete and transparent awareness regarding your personal data processing within the Whiteberry production s.r.o. company. The objective of this notification is to provide you with the information about what personal data Whiteberry production s.r.o. collect, for which purposes the data are used, and where you can obtain the information about your personal data processed by Whiteberry production s.r.o.

Provision of your personal data in order to be granted Whiteberry production s.r.o. services is a statutory requirement resulting from the Accounting Act 563/1991 Coll. and you as a client are obliged to provide these data as well as Whiteberry production s.r.o. is obliged to require these data from you. In case of not providing your personal data, Whiteberry production s.r.o. cannot grant their services to you.

1. Contact for the personal data controller

Whiteberry production s.r.o.

David Dvořák – Managing Director

Jeremenkova 1171/102, 140 00 Prague 4

CIN: 27188191

Tel.: 241 410 893


2. Which personal data do Whiteberry production s.r.o. process? How long do Whiteberry production s.r.o. process these data?

Whiteberry production s.r.o. process personal data in compliance with the Regulation and in compliance with the Accounting Act. We keep the database of personal data of our clients, and we are the administrators of these data:

  • personal data obtained and processed by Whiteberry production s.r.o. in relation to the provision of services,

  • personal data for the purpose of clear and unmistakable identification,

  • personal data enabling Whiteberry production s.r.o. to contact you,

  • personal data relating to mutual relationships between Whiteberry production s.r.o. and their client.

  • Provided that the statutory duties are carried out, Whiteberry production s.r.o. process personal data for the duration set by law; also, the data are processed in case of processing the necessary in order to perform the contract, for the duration needed to ensure that the mutual rights and obligations resulting from the contract are met, i.e. for the effective contract duration minimally; furthermore, the personal data processing occurs in case of the processing based on the consent of the data subject for the duration stated within the consent or until further notice. After the expiration of the authorized processing, Whiteberry production s.r.o. cease to process your personal data and ensure their removal in compliance with the relevant legal requirements.

3. Which purposes do Whiteberry production s.r.o. process your personal data for? What entitles Whiteberry production s.r.o. to process your personal data? 

  • For the purposes of keeping the accounting documentation, and for other purposes relating to the services provision, particularly the necessary business correspondence.



4. Your rights in relation to personal data processed by Whiteberry production s.r.o.

require the information about which personal data Whiteberry production s.r.o. process regarding your person as well as use the rights stated below; this is all possible via the company contacts.

As a data subject, you have the right to require the information whether the personal data concerning you are or are not processed by Whiteberry production s.r.o., and, if that is the case, you have the right to gain access to these personal data and to the information about:

  • the purpose for personal data processing,

  • the category of concerned personal data, the receiver or the category of receivers of personal data,

  • the duration for which the personal data will be kept,

  • the sources of personal data.

Whiteberry production s.r.o. will provide you with the first copy of the processed personal data free of charge. The following copies or in case the request is evidently unfounded or unreasonable, the company can demand the cost reimbursement linked to the provision of the information, e.g. postage cost.

In the event that you have provided Whiteberry production s.r.o. with personal data based on consent, you have the right to:

  • obtain the personal data concerning you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form, and the right to transfer these data to another administrator,

  • get one administrator transfer the personal data directly to another one in case it is technically feasible.

If you find out or if you assume that while processing your personal data Whiteberry production s.r.o. violated your rights or duties set by the Regulation or by the national legal requirements in the field of personal data protection, you can seek redress using all the instruments the data subject is granted based on the valid legislation, particularly you can ask Whiteberry production s.r.o. for:

  • correction or deletion (disposal) of these personal data (with the exception of the situation when the processing is necessary in order to meet the legal obligation), or

  • restriction (blocking) of the processing.

Without undue delay, and in any event within one month of receipt of the claim, Whiteberry production s.r.o. will always inform you of handling your claim. Also, with your incentives you can directly address The Office for Personal Data Protection.

5. Modification of your personal data

In order to have your personal data processed duly and correctly, you need to inform Whiteberry production s.r.o. of any modification of your personal data that occurs.

6. Where can you file a complaint regarding the processing of personal data?

In the event that you have reservations about personal data processed by Whiteberry production s.r.o., you can address Whiteberry production s.r.o. as your personal data administrator.

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